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Nerdy Site Improvements

Let’s skip right over how long it’s been since I’ve written a blog post and dive right into some recent changes I’ve made on this site. A lot of it is behind the scenes in the scripts I use to manage creating new posts, publishing drafts, deploying the site to my server and just today I wrote a quick ruby script that adds the current commit hash to _config.yml.

Status update, August 2020

August has been a month of revival. Six months of staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on most aspects of my life. I’m fortunate enough to remain employed. Working from home had introduced its unique set of challenges. Things like staying motivated and focused were especially hard during the earlier months.

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter. Say their names.

All lives don't matter until black lives do.

Mitigating Pi-hole ISE 500 Error on the "Long term data - Query Log"

When selecting a large date range on the long term data Query Log, say last 30 or even last 7 days, I’d be greeted with the following error message and some more information in Lighttpd’s logs.

Late one evening, I was having dinner with some vegan friends of mine at Comet Cafe in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Comet is a relatively punky-style small diner in the Lower East Side. We stopped in Milwaukee for dinner after spending about 16 hours on the road. The three of us had all rode together to a small vegan get-together in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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