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GitHub Pages + Jekyll, a poor choice

Some of you will say that using GitHub in the first place is a poor choice, and you’d be correct.

YouTube Continues Its War on Its Users and the Planet

Even though the YouTube app on my Apple TV hasn’t been updated since December 7, 2023 (version 4.22.01), YouTube is still able to change how their app works. This is nothing new and apps have been able to change their behavior without publishing a new version to an app store.

Regetwitter Fail

The website formerly known as Twitter recently made some changes in the way they handled domains. This change has since been reverted or corrected, but the fact it happened at all should be a lesson to developers everywhere.

Citrix Receiver Extension APIs

This document lists CSS and Javascript extension points for Citrix Receiver. Unless otherwise specified, these extensions apply to both web and native clients. It used to be hosted on Citrix’s website, but is currently 404’ing. It’s also available on the Wayback Machine.

ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition

Some unknown amount of time ago, Fujitsu stopped supporting the ScanSnap Manager Evernote Edition software. The scanner’s still usable, but you need to perform a firmware upgrade to be able to use it with ScanSnap Home.

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